Mobile Beauty Therapist in London Waxing


If you are looking for a powerful hair removal service in Chiswick, Hounslow or Hammersmith that leaves you with smooth, soft feeling skin, get in touch with BBS Beauty. Our team of mobile beauty therapists in London are highly trained in employing the hot wax technique, which is considered far less painful than other forms of waxing given that less pressure is applied directly on your skin. The hardened wax comes off quickly, pulling less on the skin and ensuring against any redness or bruising. Waxing efficiently removes all hair, giving your skin a decidedly silky feel. Most people see some minimal regrowth after three weeks, with clients normally returning for a repeat waxing service every four to six weeks.



Mobile Beauty Therapist in London Back Sugaring

Back Sugaring

Do you want a hair removal service that emphatically gets rid of hair but don’t like how waxing feels? If so, our back sugaring service is what you need. A method employed since the Egyptian times, back sugaring involves a completely natural paste – made up of lemon, sugar and water – that is placed on the body and then removed in the direction of the hair growth. Many consider back sugaring to be the most effective form of hair removal due to its capacity to remove the hair root, meaning that the follicle receives less blood supply over time and becomes weaker as a result.



*Minimum charge £40. Please note that overall prices will vary for mobile visits depending on how far we need to travel.



 Why Choose BBS Beauty?



We recognise the importance of reducing our emissions wherever possible. That is why we are committed to using only vegan, cruelty free products and packaging that is biodegradable. Keeping things as natural as possible is, we believe, the best way of fostering beauty treatment and muscle relaxation.


Convenient for You

As somebody with a full-time job or with children, finding time to visit a spa can be a tiresome process. That is why we are passionate about providing homes and offices with a high-quality mobile beauty therapist in London who comes to you. No more worrying about travelling to and from the spa and getting a spa booking. We come to your premises at a convenient time and supply the precise service that you require.


Professional Service

Having worked in spas and salons, our team of mobile beauty therapists in London are highly skilled when it comes to a wide range of treatments, from pregnancy massages to eyelash treatments to office massages. Everybody in our team has received NVQ Level 4 in Beauty Therapy and holds accreditation in VTCT Beauty and Massage Therapy.




If you are based in Chiswick, Hounslow or Hammersmith and need a professional mobile beauty therapist in London, get in touch with BBS Beauty.

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