Mobile Beauty Therapist in London Office/Chair Massage

Office/Chair Massage

As part of our corporate beauty treatments, we supply professional massages in your workspace, relieving tension in muscles to awaken and invigorate you during the working day. By easing muscle tension in the upper body and boosting circulation, office massages are proven to reduce stress, improve focus, and increase postural awareness. You will be astonished by how tall and relaxed you feel afterwards. The massage is provided in an ergonomic massage chair, designed to offer optimal relaxation. Our corporate chair massages normally last for 15 minutes, although this timeframe can be altered to suit the needs of your office.



Mobile Beauty Therapist in London Swedish Massage

Hot Stone Massage

If you are stressed out and feeling tight in your muscles, get in touch with BBS Beauty for a professional hot stone massage service. The process involves the use of smooth stones, heated to a precise temperature of 120F, on particular areas of your body, with the localised heat and weight of the stones serving to warm and relax muscles, thereby enabling our mobile beauty therapist in London to apply deeper pressure to those areas without causing discomfort. While primarily used to relax muscles, the treatment has often been employed to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression and back pains.



 Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

A highly popular service, Swedish massages are ideal for people who are highly stressed and want to relax their entire bodies. The technique employed for this service works on the muscular tissues in particular by using strokes that are lengthy and gliding in the direction of your blood flow coming back and forth from your heart. As a stressed individual, there are a number of minor blockages – or knots – throughout the body. The Swedish massage works on undoing these knots, facilitating smoother blood circulation and removing toxins. You will feel greater relaxation throughout the body and much more flexible.



 Mobile Beauty Therapist in London Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

BBS Beauty has excellent experience in providing pregnancy massages to suit the wide-ranging requirements of each mother. We treat women during the first stage of their pregnancy up until term. Regular massages can help with relieving aches and pains in the pelvic and hip area, decreases swelling in your ankles and hands, aids good restful sleep, reduces blood pressure, promotes water retention, and tackles anxiety leading up to the labour. Most of the treatment is done with the client lying on their side and supported by pillows – the most comfortable position with a pregnancy massage. Our team recognises that every pregnancy is different in minor ways, which is why we always listen to your exact needs prior to starting the massage treatment.



*Minimum charge £40. Please note that overall prices will vary for mobile visits depending on how far we need to travel.



 Why Choose BBS Beauty?



We recognise the importance of reducing our emissions wherever possible. That is why we are committed to using only vegan, cruelty free products and packaging that is biodegradable. Keeping things as natural as possible is, we believe, the best way of fostering beauty treatment and muscle relaxation.


Convenient for You

As somebody with a full-time job or with children, finding time to visit a spa can be a tiresome process. That is why we are passionate about providing homes and offices with a high-quality mobile beauty therapist in London who comes to you. No more worrying about travelling to and from the spa and getting a spa booking. We come to your premises at a convenient time and supply the precise service that you require.


Professional Service

Having worked in spas and salons, our team of mobile beauty therapists in London are highly skilled when it comes to a wide range of treatments, from pregnancy massages to eyelash treatments to office massages. Everybody in our team has received NVQ Level 4 in Beauty Therapy and holds accreditation in VTCT Beauty and Massage Therapy.




If you are based in Chiswick, Hounslow or Hammersmith and need a professional mobile beauty therapist in London, get in touch with BBS Beauty.

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